Personal Readings

One Card Reflection

One card to address your current energy and focus.
$10.00 USD

Self Love Spread

Remember when I mentioned glass of wine and bath bomb? Yeah, this is that spread.

What I Truly Love about Myself, My Core Strengths, My True Talent, What I Can Bring to the World, I Am Worthy of Self Love Because, I Am Worthy of Love from Others Because
$55.00 USD

Custom Spread

Because not all situations fit a spread above, this spread is custom designed using agreed upon questions to empower you in your given situation. $10.00 USD per card.

Past, Present, Future

Energies of the Past, Present, and Future, given your personal situation.
$30.00 USD

Release and Let Go

What am I feeling right now? How can I release this feeling? What have I learned?
$30.00 USD

Celtic Cross

Simple, yet powerful spread – it’s no wonder it hasn’t changed since the early 19th century.

This spread dives deep into: The Present, The Challenge, The Past, The Future, Above, Below, Advice, External Influences, Hopes and Fears, and Outcome.
$90.00 USD

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