Personal Readings

One Card Reflection

One card to address your current energy and focus.
$11.00 USD

Self Love Spread

Remember when I mentioned glass of wine and bath bomb? Yeah, this is that spread.

What I truly love about myself, My core strengths, My true talent, What I can bring to the world, I am worthy of self love because, I am worthy of love from others because
$66.00 USD

Custom Spread

Because not all situations fit a spread above, this spread is custom designed using agreed upon questions to empower you in your given situation.

Past, Present, Future

Energies of the Past, Present, and Future, given your personal situation.
$33.00 USD

Release and Let Go

What am I feeling right now? How can I release this feeling? What have I learned?
$33.00 USD

Celtic Cross

Simple, yet powerful spread – it’s no wonder it hasn’t changed since the early 19th century.

This spread dives deep into: The Present, The Challenge, The Past, The Future, Above, Below, Advice, External Influences, Hopes and Fears, and Outcome.
$110.00 USD

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